Flax seed laptops debut in Barcelona, plus the monster SUVs of Europe

Source: temele / iStock via Getty Images

(A native of England, veteran journalist Matthew Diebel has worked at NBC News, Time, USA Today and News Corp., among other organizations.)

What the flax? This laptop top has gone bio

I am very much a desktop computer guy. Laptops, with their fiddly mousepads and slippery keys, seem too fussy for my I-learned-to-type-on-a-real-typewriter fingers. In addition, their small screens don’t suit my less-than-great eyesight.

However, I am considering relenting and am looking at laptops so I can be more mobile with my work and play. But what to buy? Apple AAPL products are out because I am wedded to Microsoft’s MSFT Windows. Meanwhile, I’m tempted to stay with Hewlett Packard HPQ products, which have served me well over the years.

But I’m also a sustainability guy, fully aware that computers are resource-intensive and difficult to recycle. So, it was interesting to hear reports from Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress event of a new laptop from Lenovo (LNVGY) that has a lid made almost entirely of flax fibers and uses 75%-recycled aluminum for its frame…

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