Every Major US City’s Worst Weather Disaster

Source: Wikimedia Commons

20. Washington, District of Columbia
> Total 2018 population: 702,455
> Name of event: The Knickerbocker Storm
> Fatalities: 98

The Knickerbocker Storm of 1922 is named after the tragedy connected with the massive snow storm that hit the nation’s capital in January. The storm caused the collapse of the Knickerbocker Theater that killed 98 people.

Source: Photo by Michael Rieger / FEMA News Photo

19. Denver, Colorado
> Total 2018 population: 716,492
> Name of event: The Hayman Fire
> Fatalities: 6

Arson and severe drought conditions caused the Hayman Fire in July of 2002 that burned more than 138,000 acres.

Source: Seattle Municipal Archives / Flickr

18. Seattle, Washington
> Total 2018 population: 744,955
> Name of event: Columbus Day storm in 1962
> Fatalities: Dozens killed on West Coast

The state of Washington was inundated with rain and wind on Oct. 12, 1962, that was so heavy that the World’s Fair was forced to close early.

Source: Paul Huffman / NOAA

17. Indianapolis, Indiana
> Total 2018 population: 867,125
> Name of event: The Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak
> Fatalities: 137 in Indiana

An outbreak of 50 tornadoes in the Great Lakes region on April 11-12, 1965, swept up Indiana, where twin twisters touched down near the town of Dunlap.

Source: NOAA

16. Charlotte, North Carolina
> Total 2018 population: 872,498
> Name of event: Hurricane Hugo
> Fatalities: 2

Hurricane Hugo struck Charlotte in September of 1989, leaving 700,000 residents without power for weeks.