Every Major US City’s Worst Weather Disaster

Source: Rell Sam "R.S." Clements / Public Domain

40. Miami, Florida
> Total 2018 population: 470,914
> Name of event: Hurricane in 1926
> Fatalities: 373

The hurricane of 1926 was a Category 4 cyclone that caused $164.8 billion in damage (adjusted for inflation).

Source: U.S. Army National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Jecca Geffre

39. Colorado Springs, Colorado
> Total 2018 population: 472,688
> Name of event: The 2013 Front Range Floods
> Fatalities: 8

Flooding in Colorado Springs in 2013 forced thousands of people to flee and destroyed homes and farms.

Source: Courtesy of NOAA

38. Kansas City, Missouri
> Total 2018 population: 491,918
> Name of event: Tornado outbreak in 1957
> Fatalities: 37 in Missouri

The Ruskin Heights Tornado, named after the Kansas City neighborhood it impacted, was one of 35 tornadoes that touched down in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Missouri on May 20, 1957.

Source: NOAA

37. Atlanta, Georgia
> Total 2018 population: 498,044
> Name of event: 500-year flood from continuous rain in 2009
> Fatalities: 10

What Georgia residents called a 500-year flood in 2009 caused $500 million in damage.

Source: Photo from the Bancroft Library collection, Univ. of California, Berkeley.

36. Sacramento, California
> Total 2018 population: 508,529
> Name of event: Great Flood of 1862
> Fatalities: Unknown due to lack of records

The capital of California was under water for months because of torrential rain, and the state government was forced to relocate to San Francisco.