Twitter vs. Tesla in race to the bottom as climate deniers surge

Matthew Diebel

Most likely to be dinged worse by Elon’s antics? Tesla or Twitter?

Surprise, surprise — Tesla $TSLA titan Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter and his relaxation of standards for posting have resulted in a bunch of climate deniers spouting their stuff on the platform with increasing intensity and frequency. Also not surprising is that climate scientists and environmental activists are worried about it.

Now with Musk’s leadership at Twitter in question, it’s even worse. It was no surprise that Twitter shares shot up this morning after Musk’s Twitter poll on whether he should resign as head of the social media outlet came back firm with more than 57% of voters saying he should.

“Folks noticing a rise in climate denialism and disinformation is particularly worrying and I am concerned that it could slow climate action in ways that are devastating to economies, communities and health,” Twila Moon, a scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center, told The Guardian, adding that she was worried that years of connections formed between scientists could “crumble” if trust in Twitter collapses.

Also on Twitter, meanwhile, are netizens angered by Musk’s malarkey and saying they are putting ownership of a Tesla in the rearview mirror. With such hashtags as #NeverTesla #WreckTesla, many are attacking “chief Twit” Musk and swearing they will switch to another EV brand.

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