The Average December Temperature in America’s Biggest Cities

Source: rabbit75_ist / Getty Images

While every year there is speculation about where in the U.S. there might be a white Christmas, increasingly in recent years expectations have been tempered with the realization that global warming is slowly changing what we’d consider “normal.” Temperatures could hit 70 degrees in Alaska in winter, or it could snow in Hawaii. The Hawaii weather news shows how radically temperatures can vary in a single state, even in the same week.

Global warming may bring America a Christmas present, whether we want it or not. A number of cities expect record unusually warm weather. The temperature in Dallas is expected to hit 79 degrees on Christmas Day, only 1 degree lower than the record for that day in the city and 20 degrees higher than the high average temperature in December in the city of 59 degrees. (These are the U.S. cities with the most unusual weather this year.)

To find the average high and low December temperatures in large American cities, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed Current Result’s Average Temperatures for Large US Cities in December. According to the site, which says it summarizes research and published data, the list was compiled using data from NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information’s Climate Normals.

As a general rule, the high and low temperatures by state in December are what most people would expect. The southern tier of states tend to have the highest temperatures, while the northern states tend to have the lowest ones. The same patterns hold true with cities.

There are some interesting exceptions to the north-south pattern. The average high temperature in Seattle in December is 47, higher than in St. Louis, at 45 degrees. St. Louis is usually considered a southern city. Seattle is very far north, but the Pacific Ocean keeps it relatively warm compared to more inland places in the same latitude. 

The large differences in temperature between U.S. regions has triggered a relocation of hundreds of thousands of people, and the populations of states like Florida and Arizona have swelled. (These are the cities with the best weather.)

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