Heavier cars. Lighter wine bottles and baseballs. Global warming making its mark.

Source: Doug Pensinger / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images

(A native of England, veteran journalist Matthew Diebel has worked at NBC News, Time, USA Today and News Corp., among other organizations.)

The climate reason he should not have given up baseball

My son was quite a good baseball player. Tall — 6’4” — and left-handed, he was a solid first baseman, excellent pitcher and a hard-hitting batsman who managed several home runs. Voted MVP as a high school sophomore, he became captain in his senior year. He was also captain of his school’s fencing team, leading them to win New York City’s public schools championships.

But he’s also lazy. And so, without his father on hand to get him off the couch and into his uniforms, he ditched sports when he went to college (though he now plays basketball and has resumed fencing).

Well, it turns out he maybe should have stuck with life on the baseball diamond. That’s because climate change, a study says, has led to 50 more home runs a year in the Major Leagues…

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