‘Fire and Rain’ at summer camp in the U.S., plus the Rivian rollout turning heads

Source: David McNew / Getty Images News via Getty Images

(A native of England, veteran journalist Matthew Diebel has worked at NBC News, Time, USA Today and News Corp., among other organizations.)

This memory just came floating into my mind: that James Taylor was in the audience when my son and I sang at a campfire concert at a YMCA sleepaway camp in Western Massachusetts.

Yup. In about 2015 I had brought my guitar to Dads’ Weekend — where fathers and boys camp in tents for a couple of nights — and my son and I did a jaunty tune called “One Wheel on My Wagon” for the boys, dads and counselors who were assembled around a blazing pile of logs. Then, the next morning, I noticed a tall, balding man – and realized he was Taylor. I quizzed my son, who said that one of the singer’s sons was at the camp. And then I thanked the heavens above that we hadn’t sung “Sweet Baby James” or “Mudslide Slim.”

Talking of mudslides, the reminiscing came after reading a New York Times story last week about how camps like my son’s — normally relatively cool from their high latitudes and elevations — are dealing with the extreme weather that has hit the U.S. in recent years…

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