EU notebook: Austrian climate minister threatens over nuclear power

Source: iaea_imagebank / Flickr

By David Callaway, Callaway Climate Insights

By Daniel Byrne

(Dan Byrne is a correspondent based in Dublin, covering climate and finance matters. He is a graduate of Dublin City University. He has held communications & fundraising roles in NGOs and has contributed content for Irish media outlets RTE, AMLintelligence, and the Irish Examiner.)

DUBLIN (Callaway Climate Insights) — Austria is ready to take the fight over nuclear power directly to the courts, threatening to sue the European Union if it includes the controversial power source in its renewable energy platform.

One of the country’s senior politicians revealed last week that opposition to classifying nuclear energy as green is so strong in Austria, that it will happily go to legal means to break the deadlock in Brussels.

“Yes, if the EU taxonomy includes nuclear energy, we are ready to challenge that in court,” said Austrian minister for climate protection and energy Leonore Gewessler.

It is this EU Taxonomy where the heart of the debate lies. . . .

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