Axed by Elon? Jettisoned by Jeff? Zapped by Zuckerberg? Here’s where you might land

Source: kcdstm / Flickr
Today’s insights:
– Lost your job in tech? Warm up to the idea of climate tech
– Let’s pray that EU’s plan for plastic is fantastic (and spreads)
– Is Prince William wise to dip his toes into the environmentalist pool?
– When it comes to energy, the French both amaze and confound

If you’re one of the tens of thousands of tech workers whose jobs have disappeared in the current rounds of layoffs by companies such as Twitter, Amazon $AMZN , or Facebook parent company Meta $META , you’re no doubt licking your wounds and thinking about what to do next.

And don’t think you’ll necessarily be headed somewhere else in Silicon Valley or one of its clones — gone are the days when recruiters in the same arena would be lining up to hire talent, with poaching and perks being a big part of the tech-worker world.

So where are the afflicted ex-employees looking? One area is climate tech, which has so far withstood much of the buffeting caused by rising energy costs and general inflation. Also doing reasonably well is investment in the sector, which, reports, continues to hover near last year’s historic highs and accounts for more than a quarter of every venture capital dollar invested in the latest quarter, which is higher than 12 out of 16 previous quarters.

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