50 Natural Wonders Everyone Should See at Least Once

Source: saiko3p / Getty Images

After two years of travel restrictions, people have been eager to embark on new adventures. National parks are again overcrowded and they are home to many natural wonders.

In addition to domestic travel, though, international travel has also been on the rise. The rest of the world, too, offers natural wonders — and it is hard to believe some of them even exist.

24/7 Tempo compiled 50 natural wonders that you must see to believe. Some are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and most were nominees for New7Wonders of Nature, a 2007 initiative with a global poll that attracted over 100 million votes.

The natural world has always inspired awe. Fire shooting from the ground, lights blazing across the sky, and glowing ocean waves were fodder for the imaginations of ancient people, inspiring myths and legends of gods and otherworldly powers.

Though science may now be able to explain the geological forces behind some of the Earth’s most dramatic landscapes, that doesn’t make them any less magical.

If you are still reluctant to travel overseas and prefer a local perspective, here are the most natural wonders in every state.

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