What a Nuclear Winter Would Do to the Earth

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8. Precipitation declines

Global precipitation averages would drop by about 58% after soot injection into the stratosphere. The global hydrologic cycle would become much less active, with a reduction in summer monsoon precipitation.

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7. Rainfall pattern changes

There would be changes in rainfall patterns during a nuclear winter. The monsoon rains would weaken, and more rainfall would occur over desert areas. The weakening of the summer monsoon has been observed following volcanic eruptions.

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6. Growing season reduced

Following a nuclear war, during a nuclear winter, the growing season would be 90% reduced across many parts of the midlatitudes.

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5. Crop failures

Not only would the growing season be reduced, but agricultural modelings of a regional nuclear war show an increased likelihood of crop failures.

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4. Famine

Global famine would follow widespread crop failures.